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IQ option New Zealand, Get profit now

The Community Adult Literacy Foundation Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation that supports fee-free adult literacy tutoring in the community.

Funds are raised to provide essential resources so adult Western Australians can access, for free, confidential 1:1 tutoring. Hundreds of volunteer tutors assist adult learners to improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills for everyday life, home and for the workplace.

If you or someone you know needs help with adult literacy in Western Australia then please call Read-Write-Now on 1800 018 802

About Us

The Community Adult Literacy Foundation was established in 2003 to support community groups delivering literacy tutoring for adults in Western Australia. CALF provides essential resources for literacy volunteers and their adult students across the State.

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Tutoring in the Community

See how effective 1:1 volunteer tutoring is, helping people to develop their ‘real-world’ skills and overcome their reading and writing difficulties, leading to greater confidence and independence for life-long learning. Read about some individual adult learners and how they each improved their lives through community-tutoring.

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Literacy Tutoring with Read Write Now!

CALF supports adult literacy in the community and access to fee-free tuition by adult learners through the Read Write Now! volunteer adult literacy service. Find out more about this unique volunteer organisation, operating in Western Australia since 1977.

Call 1800 018 802 to discuss your adult literacy needs in WA.

Read More

Need Help? Call 1800 018 802

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