‘Gobsmackers’ Readers for Adult Learners

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What is a Gobsmackers book?

‘Gobsmackers’ books, written specifically for adults who are trying to improve their literacy skills, might be just what you are looking for.

Stories that are accessible, amusing
and come with a twist…

‘Gobsmackers’ have been written and illustrated by practitioners with many years experience in adult literacy. Intended as readers for adults, all the books have been based on real life stories and the tales are all ‘gobsmacking’, designed to surprise the adult reader and support literacy development.

Be gobsmacked… surprised, amazed, astounded, astonished, stunned

Free additional extras

Whether you are working by yourself, 1 : 1 with a tutor/teacher or in a class situation, these readers come with free downloadable support information.

There are ‘Tips for Tutors’ and most importantly, a wide selection of very useful Exercises with free printable Worksheets for each title, to help the adult literacy student develop their skills.

A selection of different Worksheets, from the following list, is available for each title;

  • Crosswords & word search puzzles, semantic grids, cloze exercises, developing a “speller’s eye”, field of words
  • Comprehension (e.g. ‘Who did what’ in the story, story building, correct the mistakes, fact or opinion, true or false)
  • Grammar (e.g. editing skills, quotation marks, expanding the text with adjectives, homophones, idioms for ESL Grammar)
  • Writing exercise e.g. write a critique, broken sentences, mind mapping, reducing the text

These worksheets save the tutor or teacher valuable time and will provide ideas for the creation of exercises based on other ‘learning texts’ of interest to the individual – what a bonus!


100% of the money raised through the sale of Gobsmackers books is used by the Community Adult Literacy Foundation to support access to fee-free community-tutoring by adult Western Australians who are working to improve their lives by improving their literacy skills.

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Six titles are currently available to order online, either in sets or individually, for delivery to your address.

Find story summaries, free ‘Exercises’ and ‘Tips for Tutors’ by clicking on a book title

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Joan is looking after her neighbour’s pets. When she finds the dog playing with Bugs the rabbit, Joan’s work really begins. She has to come up with a plan to make sure that Bugs lives on. Will her plan work?

Bugs Lives on

When Jan and her daughter Kate move into a home of their own there’s lots of work to be done. The neighbours come to lend a hand. There’s one neighbour that little Kate wants to get rid of. What could be the problem? This is another true story from Gobsmackers.

Home Improvement

Jeanette works night shift at the local hospital. When her family brings home Patch, a noisy dog from the Pound, Jeanette’s problems begin. Will this mean the end for Patch? This is another true story from Gobsmackers.

I Cant Sleep

Michael likes to relax and listen to loud music – while Mabel does all the housework. Michael is gobsmacked when Mabel tells him that she has had enough. Will they split up over this or can Michael change his ways? This is another true story from Gobsmackers.

Mabel and Michael

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is about to be closed for repairs. Whilst Lesley, Daniel and Maggie are standing at the bottom of the Tower, some grit falls on them. They are gobsmacked at what happens next. This is another true story from Gobsmackers.

True Grit

On his early morning jog, Nic gets more than his usual workout – so does the lady out walking her dog. Read on to find out why Nic and his girlfriend Kelly can’t stop laughing. This is another true story from Gobsmackers.

Whistle If Anyone Comes

Gobsmackers Order Form

To order, please click on the button.

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