Donations, Grants and Our Supporters

Resources that support community tutoring


Since the Community Adult Literacy Foundation was established in 2003, significant funds have been raised through grants, donations and the sale of ‘Gobsmackers’ adult readers, in order to provide essential resources in support of free community-tutoring for adult learners in Western Australia.

Adult learners in communities across WA benefit from resources including:

  • Laptop computers with teaching programs and interactive software for tutoring
  • E-readers and tablets for volunteers and students
  • Tutoring books and teaching/learning resources for adult learners
  • CD Players, digital cameras and micro cassette recorders
  • Personal computers, monitors , printers and copiers for local administration of tutoring
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Portable display units, promotional signs, brochure holders etc.
  • Funding for individual situations of Financial Hardship e.g. to provide a student with reading glasses
  • Assistance with volunteer travel costs from non-metro regions (i.e. no public transport option) to attend Tutor Training in Perth

Support community-tutoring in Western Australia . . .
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Our Major Sponsors


Thanks to a generous $100,000 grant from Lotterywest in 2003, the Community Adult Literacy Foundation provided computers, printers, tutoring books and other resources for use by volunteers in community-tutoring with Read Write Now!

Using these resources, hundreds of volunteers have assisted thousands of adult Western Australians to improve their literacy.

Technology is now part of everyday life and everyday literacy. More and more adult learners seeking to improve their literacy are ‘online’ and are required to use technology both at home and in the workplace. Contemporary resourcing made possible through Lotterywest has enabled volunteers to respond to changing needs in the community and to support many adult learners, as well as to administer community-tutoring locally.

Lotterywest funding for vital resources has enabled volunteers to develop their own skills and has been fundamental to the long-term success of community-tutoring for nearly 40 years. Volunteers are ‘quiet achievers’, proud to have their work and their contribution to the community recognised by Lotterywest.

Thank you Lotterywest


Community Adult Literacy Foundation has been the recipient of several Small Equipment grants from the Australian Government, to provide equipment for use by hundreds of volunteers in tutoring. Various items including furniture for regional offices and storage for tutoring books and resources, laptop computers, office and promotional display equipment, have been funded by these grants.

donations-grants-our supporters

More recently, a grant has provided IT equipment which, over time, will support the training of hundreds of volunteer literacy tutors and their tutoring work, assisting many more adults across Western Australia to improve their literacy skills in readiness for everyday life and the workplace.

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Other Supporting Organisations and Individuals

  • Western Australian Department of Education, Science and Training (Swan Explorers Grant)
  • City of Swan, Western Australia
  • Department of Training and Workforce Development WA (‘First Click’ program for RWN! volunteers)
  • Rotary Club of Willeton
  • Fundraiser by Media & HR students at Central Institute of Technology Perth
  • Romance Writers of Australia Inc (donation from Annual Conference)
  • Bankwest Happy Communities Grant
  • City of Melville (Cultural and Community Grant)
  • GMF Health (‘Give it a Go’ grant)
  • Rotary Club of Hannans (‘Balzano Barrow Race’)
  • City of Joondalup, Western Australia
  • Ellinson Family Bequest (in memory of Pam Ellinson and her contribution to adult literacy through RWN!)
  • Personal donations from grateful RWN! students

Other Foundation Support

The Community Adult Literacy Foundation sincerely thanks Rotary Club of Willetton for printing and collating the ‘Gobsmackers’ tutoring books at no cost. This has resulted in over $10,000 being raised from book sales alone, to support adult literacy in Western Australia.

Thank you Rotary Club of Willetton…

Gobsmackers readers for adults have been written and illustrated by practitioners with many years experience in adult literacy. Intended as enjoyable readers, all the books have been based on real life stories and are designed to surprise and engage the adult reader and support literacy development. ‘Tips for Tutors’ and a selection of well-designed Exercises (as Worksheets) for each title are available to download and print for free.

On behalf of all the learners and volunteers in community-tutoring . . . thank you for your support

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